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Eco Friendly Pest ControlWhether you use local treatments or fumigation, there is nothing to keep termites from re-infesting the structure-even the same year.  Now there is another solution. We conduct preventive treatments with Bora-Care, a non-corrosive borate mineral salt that is deadly to insects.  Bora-Care is applied directly to wood; its patented formula penetrates into the wood and remains there for years, providing residual protection. Bora-Care has a very low mammalian toxicity. Applications are applied onto all exposed wood in attics, sub-areas, and soffits. Wall voids are injected into using-high pressure foaming.

This treatment is great for new builders during the construction phase.  This technology is available to residential, multi-family, and commercial developments.  Now builders can protect their homes from drywood termite attacks as the structure is being built. Bora-Care has no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and eliminates the need for crews to leave the job site. Treatment can be done at any time during the dried-in-phase of construction. Call us at 1-800-670-0083 for an estimate.

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Termite Problems are Solved

  • Proven Drywood Termite Protection
  • Penetrates into the wood
  • Remains there for years
  • Residential, Multi-family, & Commercial

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