From our many years in the pest management industry, we realize there is more than one solution to nearly any pest problem – including termites! Many companies have claimed that tenting is the ONLY way to control termites in our area. But that simply isn’t true. Our “No-Tent” termite control offers customers the convenience of termite treatment that does not include fumigation . . . or the following aggravations that come with tenting!

NO MORE. . . .

  • Moving out of your home
  • Removing plants or flowers
  • Risk of landscaping or roof damage
  • Removing cosmetics or medications
  • Required shrub or tree trimming
  • Removing uncanned foods
  • Disconnecting of satellites or antennas

How do we do it?

Instead of tenting and fumigating your home to eliminate termites, our professionals directly inject an advanced non-repellant material directly into termite galleries. We also treat common termite entry points and wood framing – as a preventative measure!

Now, isn’t that better than the inconvenience of tenting?

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