Termite Treatment & Prevention: Bora-Care

Bora-Care is a low-toxicity borate-based product applied directly to wood and composites to protect from insects.  Formulated with concern for the environment, the active ingredient is disodium octaborate tetrahydrate, a non-corrosive borate mineral salt that is deadly to insects, Bora-Care is sprayed onto and penetrates into the wood. Because it is a mineral salt, it will not break down over time and will last for the life of the wood, providing long-term residual protection.

When insects ingest Bora-care’s, borate salt, they can no longer extract nutrition from their food, and starve to death. This makes Bora-Care a very sustainable treatment method, with an added benefit to you and the environment. Because borates don’t attack the nervous system, insects will never develop a resistance. Bora-Care is an effective wood treatment that protects your home now and in the future against both drywood termites, subterranean termites, and a host of other pests.

Bora-Care Prevent or Tent

Bora-Care Whole House Treatments provide another option for killing existing termites and provide residual protection.  While fumigation will kill drywood termites, it does not prevent them from coming back – even in the same year.  In areas with high termite pressure, most homes will become reinfested.  Bora-Care Whole House Treatments save you from the inconvenience and expense of whole-house fumigations tenting and leaving your home or business for several days.  

​​Bora-Care Wood Pretreatments

Drywood termite infestations can occur wherever isolated pieces of dry, sound wood exist, for example in doors, windows, soffits, sub areas, and attics. Pre-treating the wood will kill existing colonies and help prevent future colonies from becoming established.  Bora-Care can be applied onto all exposed wood in attics, garages, soffits, and crawl spaces. Wall voids are injected using high-pressure misting or foaming.  Treated wood is also protected against carpenter ants, old house borers, powder post beetles, algae, and wet and dry decay fungi.

Bora-Care’s Green Advantages

You can remain at home or in business during a Bora-Care application.  Bora-Care does not emit volatile organic compound (VOCs) and has an extremely low mammalian toxicity. Because the active ingredient in borates is boron, an element found throughout nature, Bora-Care and other borates are preferred for use wherever humans and pets share a pesticide-treated environment

Bora-Care  for Home Builders

Now builders can protect their homes from drywood termite attack as the home is being built.  Bora-Care is approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a primary termite treatment in new home construction. 

A bonus for builders:  Bora-Care also eliminates the need for working crews to leave the job site during application. Typically, with traditional soil treatments, workers are required by law to leave the site during application.  However, with Bora-Care your crew can keep working from one area to the other until the task is completed.

Pre-and Post-Construction Termite Prevention

Before and after your home is built, Eco Concepts Termite & Pest Control has programs for both pre-and post-construction termite prevention.  Today’s builders now have several options when it comes to protecting their customers’ valuable properties: application methods with conventional and non-repellent products, and preventive treatments with Bora-Care.



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