Bees are an important part of our natural ecosystem, and are crucial to our own human survival. Here at Eco Concepts we carefully protect the important role bees play in our environment by safely removing and relocating bees to local bee farms. All our bee specialists are trained in the biology and behavior of these beneficial insects.

The honey bee is one of humanity’s oldest insect friends. We cherish the bee for its honey, beeswax, and most important of
all, the pollination of many of our crop bearing plants. More than 100 agricultural crops are pollinated by honey bees in the United States, and honey bees are involved in about 80% of food consumed by Americans.

Eco Concepts’ bee specialists are committed to the saving and preservation of honey bees. We know the important contributions they provide to our ecological and agricultural environment and that’s why, we like to do our part in making a positive difference in our environment as well as choosing the right methods for the bee removal process.

What makes Eco Concepts different from our competitors is that we always prefer to conduct Live Bee Hive and Swarm removal as a solution!

Eco Concepts offers our full repair division after we conduct a bee removal service from your structure.

Bee and honeycomb removal

• Wasps
• Yellow Jackets
• Hornets
• African Killer Bees
• Mud Daubers
• Carpenter Bees

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