Termite Treatment & Prevention: Altriset

 Altriset is a slow-killing chemical designated to infect and eventually destroy the entire colonies.  Termites come into contact with or ingest Altriset and carry it on their bodies to affect other unexposed termites. They cannot taste or smell it.  Within several hours, the mouths of exposed termites become paralyzed and unable to continue feeding. Altriset controls the termite population with immediate and long-lasting structural protection.  Altriset is effective and durable with a very low use rate.

Why choose Altriset to treat your home? 

Altriset’s chemistry mimicks the insecticidal properties of certain substances found in various tree species so it causes less harm to beneficial organisms we want in our yards and spaces, such as earth worms and bees.  

Altriset provides the performance you would expect. It offers immediate and long-lasting structural protection along with a low use rate.  Altriset is especially effective, in its termite-to-termite transfer increasing termites’ natural social behavior. Through increased aggregation and grooming behavior, they expose other colony members to Altriset.

Extremely effective on termites, Altriset has a low impact on non-target beneficial insects and only targets termites.  It was registered in 2010 by the U.S. EPA under EPA’s Reduced Risk Program. 

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