Tenting Is Not The Only Answer To Termites…

From our many years in the pest management industry, we realize there is more than one solution to nearly any pest problem – including termites!

New scientific technology allows homeowners options for additional termite treatment choices and prevents whole-house fumigations, including locally treating with products that are undetectable (non-repellent) and products that crystallizes into the cellular structure of the wood, providing residual protection. 

Many companies have claimed that tenting is the only way to control termites in our area.  But that simply isn’t true.  Our “No-Tent” termite control offers customers the convenience of alternative termite treatments that do not include whole-house fumigation and the following aggravations that frequently follow.

With Eco Concepts Termite Treatments...

There's No More:

  • Moving out of your home
  • Boarding your pets
  • Removing plants & flowers
  • Risk of landscape damage

How Do We Do It?

Our trained Pest Management Professional will perform a thorough inspection of your home or business, outlining our findings and recommendations. This is key to ensure the success of our treatment approach.  We will discuss your options and what termite treatment plan is best for you.

Subterranean Termites

Most subterranean attacks come from areas surrounding a home.  Factors play in a role in subterranean termite infestation may include moisture conditions, plumbing leaks, earth-to-wood contact, and cellulose debris.

Treatments are aimed at the soil adjacent to the exterior of both sides of foundation walls, under plumbing penetrations in slabs and bath traps, and pier posts to intercept these attacks and provide a barrier around your home.  For concrete decking or slab a foundation, drilling is usually required to pressure- treat the soil and eliminate the termite colony.

Drywood Termites

Our professionals inject advanced material directly into the drywood termite galleries. This process is called the “drill and treat method”.

We use advanced equipment with small injector tips to perform precision applications inside the infested wood members, penetrating directly into the termite population to deliver devastating results.

Now Isn’t That Better Than The Inconvenience of Tenting?

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